Help center

For Users

  1. Go to your phones App Store
  2. Search for Tufyfo User
  3. Download the  Tufyfo User App
  4. Register through the app
  5. Add pickup,service and/or destination location
  6. Choose the service you like
  8. Service Provider will show up shortly if one is available
  9. Invite customers to Tufyfo Provider platform and earn referral points

For Service Providers

  1. Go to your phones App Store
  2. Search for Tufyfo Provider
  3. Download the Tufyfo Provider app
  4. Register  through the app
  5. Add your services information
  6. Upload registration details
  7. Upload Insurance Certificate for Taxi and delivery services
  8. Upload image of your driver's license/Passport/National Idenitity as it may apply
  9. If everything is uploaded wait for approval by the administrator
  10. Go online at the bottom right corner (When approved)
  11. Invite customers to Tufyfo Provider platform and earn 
  12. Start receiving service requests.

ECitizen good conduct application process

  1. First, log in to your eCitizen account on using your username (your email) and password. This will take you to the eCitizen dashboard. Once you’re on the dashboard, you can proceed to click ‘Get Service Now’, which is under the category ‘Directorate of Criminal Investigations’.
  2. You will then follow the guidelines on how to apply for an adult or under 18.
  3. Choose the payment mode to pay 1050 for the good conduct certificate.
  4. Download then print two copies of the payment invoice and a copy of the C24 on both sides of the A4 paper.
  5. Once you’re done with the online part, you can proceed to present to the CID offices the invoices and C24 alongside an original identification document or original birth certificate in the case of a minor. Here, you will also go through fingerprint processing.

The CID headquarters are on Kiambu road, past Muthaiga Golf Club. During the application process, you can set the specific date on which you would like to go through the fingerprint processing. 


Who can give you a reference letter?

  1. Your previous/current employer
  2. Your current clients and customers
  3. Business associates that can vouch and give evidence of your work
  4. Your lawyer and any officer of the Court
  5. The Police.