How it works

"ON-DEMAND" services for all sectors!



Setting up a User account with Tufyfo is easy and convenient!  All you need to do, is follow these simple steps:Download the app,Register yourself,Set up a preferred payment option,and you are all done! You can download the app at either the Google Play store or the Apple Store!  Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to register your information. This you can do either manually, or you can link your Facebook or Google Plus account to make the process faster and simpler!  Finally, you set up the payment.Once you have done all these steps it’s time to make your first service call with us!  How do you do it? Again, it’s a simple four step process:Open the app,set a location,Select service you’d like to use,Tap on ‘Book now’. and that’s it!  Simply opening the app, putting in the address, and tapping ‘Book now’ will call for a Provider to respond to your call for services,come to  your location and  attend to you! 



If you want to become a Tufyfo Provider, the process is similar and very straight forward!  It takes just a few easy steps, and before you know it you will be connecting with your Users.  To become a Tufyfo Provider, you will need to:Download the app,Sign up ,Upload necessary documents and wait  for approval from the Administrator. When it comes to signing up in the app you will be asked to fill out your personal information. You can sign up using Facebook and Google Plus, but please be aware that there are still fields of information the two services don’t provide, and you will have to manually fill out these fields yourself.  Finally, you will be required to upload the necessary documents, which is the most important step if you want to be approved to become a Tufyfo Provider! We look forward to seeing all you Providers and Users working together to build our nation!


In summary


Both the User and Provider Apps are available on Google Playstore and Apple Store. Once downloaded and installed, the apps provide access to our website and services platform for all manner of professional services as listed on the mobile app and website. A registration will be required,either a fresh registration on to the platform through direct input ,facebook  or google accounts. The registration process is made very easy to follow and complete. 

 Anyone looking for a service today or in the future, whether it is a tutor or fitness coach,carpenter,baby sitter,taxi,boda-boda or any other service will register on our platform using their internet connnected device, be it a mobile phone, laptop, or desktop computer. When the User registers, they will also register the details of their payment method ,(Cash, Credit card, Debit Card or M-PESA)  that they will use for easy payment at the end of the service. Whenever else they require the service, they will simply log onto the app and select the category of the service they require. So if they require the services of a tow truck then they will click on tow truck services and then onto the subcategory of the relevant service. They will also indicate the date and time they want the service delivered. 

  The cost of the requested service will be displayed depending on the category and subcategory selected. The user will then be able to see all the available service providers of the category selected in the vicinity and select one after checking out their reviews and credentials. The selected one will be notified of the job via the Tufyfo services platform, a text message and/or email.    

 Once the Services Provider accepts the job, the User will be able to see the service provider making their way to their location to deliver the service. This can only be done when the Service Provider marks the task as “STARTED”. Once the job is completed, it will need to be marked as "COMPLETE" so that an invoice can be generated and sent to both the Client and the Service Provider. The completion will also enable payment to be automatically deducted from the client's in-App wallet,credit or debit card.  

 Both the Client and the Service Provider can rate and review each other so as to provide and build on efficiency on service and payment rating for both respectively in effect making service provider selection a faster and smoother process all through.