Trust, Safety & Insurance


At Tufyfo we understand that trust is a key part to every community around us.  Without trust, tthere is nothing to hold on to. The below solidified our efforts in establishing saftey and trust all round in our business:

First of all, it should be stated that  our Service Providers go through full background checks .  Also unlike our competitors, we require that our Service Providers acquire a certificate of good conduct  from the relevant authorities, to ensure that potential Providers with dangerous criminal backgrounds are NOT allowed on our platform!  

Our Providers are also expected to have previous experience in their area of expertise,be it transportation or other businesses, and must have a minimum of a good reference letter from previous clients or companies and persons known to them.Also, while we take pride in the safety of our Providers, we are aware that of several cases where women have requested for extra security measures, we have made provision by providing for female only service providers for some of our areas of service including Taxi and Boda Boda.  Therefore, we have an option so that female clients can be assisted by female Prloviders. Likewise, female Providers will also have the option to only deal with female clients should they choose to.

At Tufyfo, we only want Providers who are professional and serious about their craft.  That’s why all  Providers are required to carry their own Insurance as one of the mandetory requirements expecially for motor driven services.